What is The Great Stupa?

The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion will be the same size and design as the Great Stupa of Gyantse which is 50 metres (164 feet) wide along each side at its base and nearly 50 metres high. This will make it the largest stupa in the Western World. It is being built near Bendigo, Australia.

A Stupa is the most sacred monument in the Buddhist world. It is a symbolic representation of the fully Enlightened mind and the path to Enlightenment. As the sacred texts are the verbal expression of the Dharma, so the Stupa is its architectural expression.

Objectives of The Great Stupa
  • To inspire people to seek a peaceful and spiritual path.
  • To be a pilgrimage place for Buddhists from around the world.
  • To provide a refuge of peace and serenity for all and especially those in need.
  • To help explain Buddhism to anyone interested.
  • To provide a Gompa for use by monks from Thubten Shedrup Ling Monastery and members of the Atisha Buddhist Centre.
  • To be of service to as many beings as possible.
The Gompa

The Gompa, inside the Stupa, will have many features of traditional large Tibetan gompas including large statues of Buddhas and deities. The Gompa will be used for pujas, meditation and teachings. It will also be designed to present an overview of Buddhism to visitors.

The Gardens

Beautiful gardens will surround the Stupa. Visitors will be encouraged to walk through the garden and to ascend the Stupa in the clockwise direction. Along the paths will be 100,000 small stupas.


Construction of The Great Stupa is estimated to be around $20 million. These funds are being sought through fundraising on an international basis. Construction is taking place on a progressive basis as funds become available.

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Opportunities also exist to support the stupa with specialised skills. These include landscaping, administration, public relations, art and sculpture.

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