The Great Stupa will house a vast collection of sacred Buddhist relics including those of Shakyamuni Buddha, Kasyapa Buddha and the 16 Arhants. These relics have been offered from many Buddhist traditions including Chinese, Tibetan, Thai, Burmese and Mongolian.

Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche has said that in order to make the stupa powerful and beneficial it is very important that many holy objects of Shakyamuni Buddha, Saints, Gurus, Bodhisattvas and Yogis be gathered.

There is currently a selection of Holy Relics on tour with the Jade Buddha for Universal Peace.

“This tour touches the hearts of many and without doubt leaves positive imprints on their mind. Needless to say, the opportunity to make offerings, to pay homage to one relic is rare and let alone a collection from holy beings of many traditions. It is a great way of to promote non-sectarianism in Buddhism and bring harmony among traditions. For this, I trust you have pleased Buddhas of ten directions.”
Ven Ngawang Jhampa

“It was truly a privilege and an honour to support the Holy Relic Tour and be part of fulfilling Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s wishes. I felt very joyful that I had the opportunity to offer a personal blessing of the relics to so many people on the last day. I offer my heartfelt thanks for making this and the Great Stupa Holy Relic Tour of Perth possible”
Ven Losang Chodron

“The Monks were so happy to see the relics, they can't believe that there are so many at one place.”
Lan Nguyen

View a poem on the holy relics by Vietnamese Master Kim Tam Thich Hanh Niem

Chiêm ngưỡng Xá Lợi Phật (Tiếng Việt) >>
Viewing the holy relics of the Buddha (English) >>
Over 120 Holy relics can be seen at the Great Stupa Exhibition Centre, Bendigo.

Venerable Thich Nguyen Tang with Lan, Ian and Judy at the Quang Duc Temple stage of the 2008 tour.

Watch this page for announcements of future tours around Australia.
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