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The Great Stupa Library was the vision of Lama Yeshe­—who saw the Library as a vital component of the Great Stupa. Lama Yeshe envisioned the Library as being a centre to encourage wider research, study and discussion on Buddhism, science and other religions and contemplative philosophies (this is expressed in the Library’s Mission Statement).

The Great Stupa Library was established in 2016 with a focus on Buddhism & Science. It is overseen by a professional librarian. The Great Stupa Library Advisory Committee provides governance and direction for the Library in accordance with Australian Library and Information Association guidelines. The members of the Committee are: Chair: Jon Breukel (BA, Dip Ed, Grad Dip Lib), Sylvia Ransom (BA, MLib, AALIA), Alison Ribush, Lucie Ribush, Barbara Rozmus (BA, Grad Dip Lib, Grad Cert Mngt).

The Library aims to encourage study and research in the areas of science, philosophy and religion by making its resources and facilities available to scholars, researchers and the public. The Library aims to provide:

  1. collections and facilities free to the public
  2. resources in a variety of formats, including print, multimedia and digital
  3. archival material and collections of cultural significance
  4. research material relating to the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion
  5. online cataloguing of its collection, freely available on the web
  6. research and study areas
  7. display and exhibitions areas


The Library catalogue is available via Librarycat.
If you wish to use the Library, please fill out this Membership Application  and bring it to the Library to activate your membership. All members must read and agree to the Membership & Loans Policy.

The Library is currently located in a two-room building near the Great Stupa Exhibition Centre. Plans are underway to expand the current Library into a multi-level building, incorporating an Interpretive Centre and kiosk.

Opening hours - please check with the Great Stupa Office.
For enquiries regarding the Great Stupa Library, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (+613) 5446 7568.

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