Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Spiritual Director
Ian Green
Ian Green (Chairman)
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Judy Green
Judy Green (Board Member)
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Wayne Thomson
Wayne Thomson (Board Member)
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Garrey Foulkes
Garrey Foulkes (Board Member)
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Jon Breukel
Jon Breukel (Board Member)
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Tony Steel
Tony Steel (Board Member)
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Alan Marsh
Alan Marsh (Board Member)
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Bridget Hartland
Bridget Hartland
(Finance and Administration Manager)
Aleshia Ng
Aleshia Ng
(Festivals and Tours Coordinator)
Alyce Crosbie
Alyce Crosbie
(Marketing Officer)

Marjorie Rolls (Tour Guide)
Venerable Lekdron (Tour Guide)
Dennis Kenny
Dennis Kenny (Works Manager)
Sandra Tomamichel
Sandra Tomamichel (Tour Guide)
Cilla Brady
Cilla Brady (Tour Guide)
Kerryn Tibbett
Kerryn Tibbett (Tour Guide)
Robyn Ryan
Robyn Ryan (Tour Guide)
Linda Jackson
Linda Jackson (Tour Guide)
Christine Priest
Christine Priest (Tour Guide)
Barb Rozmus
Barb Rozmus
(Archives / Library)
Ian Mountjoy
Ian Mountjoy (Handyman/Gardener)
Dennis Rixon
Dennis Rixon (Stonemason)
Justin Simpson
Justin Simpson
(Gardener / Landscaper)
Venerable Damcho
Venerable Damcho (Tour Guide)
Wendy Buchan
Wendy Buchan (Bookkeeper)
Quinn Pham
Quinn Pham (Webmaster)
Don McKie
Don McKie (Carpentry Supervisor)
Kathryn Dole
Kathryn Dole (Administration)




The Board of Directors
Under the guidance of Lama Zopa Rinpoche an Australian company, The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion Limited has been formed to take overall responsibility for the Great Stupa. The aims of The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion Limited are to:

  • Oversee the design and construction of the Great Stupa.
  • Oversee the design and construction of the many holy objects that are stored in the Great Stupa and its grounds.
  • Oversee the operation and maintenance of the Great Stupa and the holy objects.
  • Employ fundraising methods to raise the capital to build and to maintain the Great Stupa and the holy objects.
  • Employ various means to raise the awareness of the Great Stupa.
  • Ensure that the holy relics, texts and objects are properly preserved and protected.
  • Ensure that high levels of financial accountability are maintained in handling funds.

The Great Stupa is affiliated with FPMT Inc.

FPMT Mission Statement

The FPMT is an organization devoted to preserving and spreading Mahayana Buddhism worldwide by creating opportunities to listen, reflect, meditate, practice and actualize the unmistaken teachings of the Buddha and based on that experience spreading the Dharma to sentient beings.

We provide integrated education through which people’s minds and hearts can be transformed into their highest potential for the benefit of others, inspired by an attitude of universal responsibility and service. We are committed to creating harmonious environments and helping all beings develop their full potential of infinite wisdom and compassion.

Our organization is based on the Buddhist tradition of Lama Tsongkhapa as taught to us by our founder, Lama Thubten Yeshe and our spiritual director, Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche.

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