Providing for the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion in your Will

When preparing your Will, please consider a bequest to The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion.
Your Solicitor or Trustee Company can give you more information, but in general the following are the main types of bequests you may care to consider.

Specific Bequest

A bequest of specific articles of property, such as houses, land, shares, cars, furniture, or jewellery, which are given to The Great Stupa.

General Bequest

A bequest in which you give a fixed amount of money, or a percentage (for example 50%) of your estate, to The Great Stupa.

Residual Bequest

A bequest which is made up of the remainder of your estate after the Specific and General Bequests have been distributed to family and friends.

Perpetual Trust Bequest

A bequest where your solicitor or trustee company operates a perpetual trust which offers ongoing financial support to The Great Stupa.

The correct wording for a bequest to the Great Stupa is as follows:

I DEVISE AND BEQUEATH the whole of my Estate (or percentage of my Estate or residue of my Estate as appropriate) to The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion Ltd


I DEVISE AND BEQUEATH the sum of (write the actual amount in figures in this space) to The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion Ltd.

The next step

We recommend you speak to your Solicitor or Trustee Company about your Will and how best to make your bequest. It is possible to identify a specific purpose for your bequest. However, we recommend that you check with us in advance so that we can make appropriate plans to implement your wishes.


Payments of bequests can be paid via two options:

  1. Direct Deposit (Please notify the office as soon as you have paid; email is acceptable)Account Name: The Great Stupa Ltd
    BSB: 633 000
    Account/IBAN: 120240734
    Bank Name: Bendigo Bank
    Bank Address: The Bendigo Centre, Bath Lane, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, 3550
    Swift/BIC: BENDAU3B
  1. A cheque or money order made payable to ‘The Great Stupa Ltd’

Receipts are issued by the Finance Manager of The Great Stupa upon receipt of payment.

All correspondence should be directed to:

Finance and Administration Manager

The Great Stupa Ltd

PO BOX 869
Maiden Gully VIC  3551

Phone: +61 3 5446 7568