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The Great Stupa is located just outside of Bendigo, and is the largest Stupa being built in the Western world. It will be 50 metres high and 50 metres square at its base and is being built to last 1000 years.

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Phone: +61 3 5446 7568

Please note: The office is closed on weekends and public holidays; please contact us via phone only during these times if you require an immediate response. We will endeavor to get back to you as soon as we can.

The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion
Street: 25 Sandhurst Town Road, Myers Flat (Bendigo) VIC 3556
Postal: PO Box 869, Maiden Gully VIC 3551

Opening Hours

The Great Stupa
9am to 5pm weekdays (Stupa temple opens at 9:30am to 4:45pm)
10:30am to 5pm weekends and public holidays (Stupa temple opens at 10:45am to 4:45pm)

StupaView Cafe
10:30am to 3pm 7 days a week

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