Memorials at The Great Stupa are a unique way of remembering loved ones. We offer a range of memorials including Stupa Wall Memorials, Wall Niche Memorials, and Tree Memorials.

A meaningful memorial for family and friends

Memorials at The Great Stupa are a unique way of remembering loved ones. We offer a range of memorials including Stupa Wall Memorials, Wall Niche Memorials, and Tree Memorials. All memorials have long-lasting bronze plaques and, if desired, we can also organise Buddhist blessings. It is considered to be very auspicious to sponsor a holy object in the name of the deceased. The Great Stupa is making it possible for the bereaved to choose from a range of auspicious memorials for family and friends. Our aim is to provide options that will suit the wishes, and budgets of most people. We are mindful that like The Great Stupa, the memorials are to last a very long time, so an allowance is included in the pricing for the long-term upkeep of the memorials.


Stupa Wall Memorials

Beautiful long-lasting Stupas are located on top of the memorial walls that  surround The Great Stupa. These Stupas are filled with holy objects and are consecrated. The ashes of the deceased are located inside the walls, directly beneath the Stupas. A solid bronze plaque is mounted below.


These memorials are perpetual.

 The cost of a Stupa Wall Memorial is AUD $3,000 (incl. GST)

Wall Niche Memorials

The ashes of the deceased are placed within the memorial walls that surround The Great Stupa, and are sealed in by a solid bronze plaque. Wall Niche Memorials also have the option to have a bronze vase attached to the front of their plaque at an additional price*


These memorials are perpetual.

The cost of a Wall Niche Memorial is AUD $1,500 (incl. GST)

Costs for lower rows:

  • Second Lowest Row $1,200
  • Lowest Row $1,000

*The additional cost of a Bronze Vase, as shown, is AUD $100 (incl. GST)

Tree Memorials

Memorials are placed beneath the trees that surround The Great Stupa. The ashes of the deceased are mixed with the earth at the base of the tree. A solid bronze plaque is mounted on a sandstone block and placed at the base of the chosen tree.


These memorials are for a period of 50 years.

The cost of a Tree Memorial is AUD $2,000 (incl. GST)

Frequently asked questions about memorials at The Great Stupa

Are these memorials just for Buddhists?

Memorials at The Great Stupa are for anyone. Many people who are not Buddhist choose the have their memorial at The Great Stupa because they appreciate the peaceful, harmonious atmosphere.

Can I choose what goes on the bronze plaques?

Yes, all wording on the plaques is chosen by the bereaved. Please bear in mind the more wording chosen, the smaller the text. All of our plaques carry Buddhist blessing images; a silhouette of The Great Stupa, and a Dharma Wheel. Other images can additionally be chosen, however they will incur an extra cost.

How much space do I have in the memorial wall?

Both the Stupa Wall Memorials and the Wall Niche Memorials offer a space no larger than 150mm (W) x 115mm (H) x 255mm (L); this is the standard cremation urn size. When bringing ashes or belongings to The Great Stupa please be mindful of this and have them in an appropriate sized urn / box. Suitable cremation urns can be purchased from The Great Stupa office.

Can I book adjoining memorials?

With notice, adjoining Stupa Wall Memorials, Wall Niche Memorials, and Tree Memorials can be booked. Adjoining Tree Memorials are around the same tree.

What happens if we don’t have ashes of the deceased?

Stupa Wall Memorials and Wall Niche Memorials can have hair, nail clippings, photographs, or belongings placed inside of the memorial walls instead of ashes. Tree Memorials can only accept ashes, as they are scattered into the Earth beneath the trees. Memorials can also be placed in memory of a loved one, with no ashes/items being placed, just simply the plaque.

Do I need to place all the ashes with the memorial?

No. It is up to the deceased and bereaved to decide if they wish to place all of the ashes at the chosen memorial, or retain some of the ashes for distribution as they see fit, or place no ashes and simply have the memorial in memory of the deceased.

What do the fees cover?

The fees include all costs and GST. They include the memorial, offerings to Sangha for the ashes placement ceremony, the cast bronze plaque, a donation to The Great Stupa, and an allocation for the upkeep of the memorial in perpetuity. Please note that the cost of the optional bronze vase is not included, and comes at an additional cost.

Are there annual fees for the memorials?

There are no fees to be paid after the costs as shown in this brochure have been paid.

Can I pay the fee off over time?

Arrangements can be made to pay the fees off over an extended time once a deposit is made. Please contact The Great Stupa office to discuss your wishes.

Can I pay the fee for my memorial in advance?

Yes, these fees can be paid in advance. Payment in advance can be a great comfort to your loved ones.

How long are these fees current for?

Fees are subject to review at any time, and are based on the current fee at the time an application form, and deposit is received.

Can I choose the memorials location?

We will always do our best to accommodate wishes, and requests can be made for specific spots, but ultimately it is the decision of The Great Stupa staff.

How many memorials will go under each of the Memorial Trees?

There will be three memorials around each of our memorial trees.

What types of trees are the Memorial Trees?

We have three varieties of trees; Crepe Myrtle (top terrace – closest to the Stupa), Manchurian Pear (middle terrace) and Chinese Elm (lower terrace). With our Tree Memorials you can make a preference of which tree variety you wish to place the memorial under, and we will always try our best to suit your preference, but ultimately it is the decision of The Great Stupa office.

Can we have a Buddhist blessing?

We can arrange for a Buddhist monk or nun to say prayers of auspiciousness at the ashes placement ceremony. There is no extra cost for this ceremony which is completely optional and depends on the wishes of the individual. Many people find the presence of the Buddhist monk or nun to be a comfort on this special day.

Is it possible to be buried near The Great Stupa?

At this stage this service is not offered. This may be considered in the future.

How long do the memorials last?

Stupa Wall and Wall Niche Memorials are perpetual. Tree Memorials are for a period of 50 years from the placement of the memorial; after 50 years the plaques are relocated to a covered display area in The Great Stupa gardens where they are kept perpetually.

For further enquiries, or to proceed with a memorial, please contact the Memorial Manager:

The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion Ltd

25 Sandhurst Town Road, Myers Flat, Victoria 3556, Australia

Post: PO Box 869 Maiden Gully, Victoria 3551, Australia

Phone:  +61 3 5446 7568