Parks and Gardens

The entrance to The Great Stupa features landscaped parks and gardens which are a delight for the visitor. The many features include waterfalls, sandstone walls and grottos, a Bodhi Tree forest, flowering trees and shrubs and a lavender and rosemary field lies along the entry path.

Peace Park

The Bodhi trees are all grown from cuttings from a tree brought to Australia by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. This tree was also grown from cuttings which can be traced back to the original Bodhi Tree under which the Buddha was enlightened.


The Great Stupa is surrounded by circles of trees (Chinese Elms, Manchurian Pear and Crepe Myrtle) and a rose garden is being planted on the concourse that surrounds The Great Stupa.


The Peace Park at the main entrance to the Great Stupa is dedicated to interfaith harmony with many symbols from different faiths. To date we have made arrangements with the Sikh Community of Victoria, who are offering an Ik Onkar, which symbolizes “one with everything”; the Islamic Council of Victoria, who have offered a magnificent Moroccan mosaic that will be incorporated into a meditation space; the Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst, who have offered a two-meter tall statue of St. Francis; and the Hindu Community of Victoria, who will be offering a large Hindu deity. We are also in conversation with the local Aboriginal community about a symbol of indigenous faith. We hope that in time several other faiths will also be represented in the Peace Park.