Vajra Fence Prayer Wheels

A new and exciting opportunity for sponsorship is now available for the construction of the Vajra Fence.

The Vajra Fence is a circle of protection that will surround the Great Stupa. Situated against the first terrace rock wall, the Vajra Fence will be filled with over 800 new prayer wheels that will be sheltered by a beautiful slate roof, circulating the Stupa.

“As the Great Stupa is an architectural presentation of the Kalachakra mandala, this ring of prayer wheels around the stupa will symbolise the Vajra Fence of the mandala. These prayer wheels will also enable many to create vast merit. Ven Jampa Choepel

A sponsorship of $4888 includes the Prayer Wheel, mantras and mounting the wheel to the fence. As a sponsor of a Prayer Wheel, a  beautiful bronze plaque with your name and/or message which will be mounted directly below the prayer wheel  on the fence in perpetuity. Your sponsorship will also help fund the completion of the rock wall and the Vajra Fence structure.

The image below is an artist impression of what the Vajra Fence will look with Prayer Wheels mounted along the completed rock wall.

The Prayer Wheels are inscribed with the text ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’, written in a Ranjana Script. This mantra is repeated on a scroll inside the wheel 12 million times. The action of spinning the prayer wheel in a clockwise direction, will bring purification and accumulates merit. Used as an aid of meditation and as a means of accumulating wisdom and good karma and a means of putting bad karma and negative energy aside.


Image of the Prayer Wheel that will be installed along the fence,
currently on display in the Visitor Centre on site here at the Great Stupa.

If you have any questions in regards to your sponsorship. Please email or call our office 03 5446 7568

On behalf of everyone involved with the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion, please accept our sincere gratitude for your generosity.

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