Vietnam Pilgrimage Tours

Experience a spiritual journey through Vietnam, visiting ancient temples, sacred sites, and vibrant cultural landmarks, all while celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. This tour will be led by a knowledgeable local guide who will provide deep insights into the religious, cultural, and historical significance of each location.


Embark on this enriching journey to explore Vietnam’s sacred sites and immerse yourself in its vibrant culture during one of the country’s most beloved festivals.


For any pilgrimage enquiries please contact the tour leader, My Linh, by email

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Mid-Autumn Festival Tour

15th to 25th September 2024

Tour Leader – My Linh Nguyen 

Hi, my name is My Linh Nguyen and I am a Vietnamese -Australian. I am an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide, fluent in both English and Vietnamese. With more than 10 years experience as a representative of the Jade Buddha for Universal Peace, we travelled the world including highlights within this pilgrimage tour; Dai Tong Lam Temple, Vung Tau, (hosted the Jade Buddha exhibition in March, 2009) and Bai Dinh Temple, Ninh Binh (hosted the Jade Buddha exhibition in April, 2016). 


I will take you to the most beautiful places in Vietnam and bring you happiness and relaxation with this pilgrimage tour.