“A beautiful, peaceful place! The gardens are magnificent, and the entrance and museum were as warm and welcoming as the people that greeted us when we entered. Although definitely worth a visit now, it will be truly amazing when it is completed”

– Bradley Gould

“The group thoroughly enjoyed the tour and I was pleased to hear that they were very forthcoming with their questions and really soaked up as much information as they could.”
Cynthia Holsworth, ACA Manager, Bendigo South East College

“One of the most beautiful places I visited in Australia. Very calm and peaceful. Very humble staff. I fell in love with the place. I found the best place for meditation. Hope to visit soon.”
Yashwardhan Dahiwalkar

“An unexpected discovery – such a find in the beautiful bush land. We are in awe of the big vision and what has been created. We look forward to coming back again and again to visit and to enjoy the peace of the grounds”
Deb Gaehl

“…we want the students to experience traditions and knowledge of Buddhism and see it as an example of how the Buddhist community has been accepted into the wider Australian society.
Colin Finn, Religion and Society Teacher, Notre Dame College Shepparton

“Truly beautiful place. Can’t believe I waited so long to visit and can’t wait to go back.”
Tara Harding

“I never knew we had one in Australia and especially of this size! It’s massive! It’s about 10min drive out from Bendigo and I really enjoyed it! It’s amazing we have something like this in the middle of the bush.”
Luke K

“Was our second visit in twelve months, the wow factor of our first visit was repeated. Left refreshed and at peace. Will return.”
Robert MacAulay

“Place of peace and tranquillity. Open for people of all faiths and religions.”
Romil Ghaswala

“We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and will be recommending your venue to others.”
Jacqui North, Holy Trinity Lutheran College Horsham