Your Visit

Advice for Buddhists when visiting The Great Stupa

Given by Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche
We should ask everyone who comes to the Great Stupa to pray like this:
May the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion be the antidote to war in the world.
May it be the cause for a peaceful world. So there is no war and no one gets killed.
May the Great Stupa be the cause that economic problems and famines do not happen.
May it be the antidote to all the sicknesses in the world such as disease, cancer and so forth.
May the Great Stupa heal all the sicknesses in the world.
May everyone who comes here to see the Great Stupa have all their sufferings of body and mind including spirit harm immediately overcome and especially may they develop Bodhicitta in their hearts.
May the Great Stupa be the antidote for all the other problems that beset the world such as danger from fire, from water, from tsunami, from wind, from earthquake and all that. May it make it so these do not happen.
May this Stupa be wish-fulfilling to all the sentient beings…wish fulfilling for all their happiness and may everyone be able to complete their wishes.
And especially may it be the cause for sentient beings to meet the Buddha’s teachings. So this Stupa will be most beneficial to all sentient beings by quickly liberating them from oceans of samsaric suffering and bringing them to enlightenment.
May people who come here never ever be born in the lower realms. May they meet the Lama Tsong Khapa teachings and realize emptiness teachings and actualize the path. May they achieve the unified state of Vajradhara with the seven branches and so forth. May they all achieve this as quickly as possible.
May all the animals in the area here where the Stupa is, through the actions of Bodhicitta, never ever be born again in lower realms – just by seeing the Stupa.
May all the benefactors who have donated to this project, and anyone who gave time to this project, and anyone who did physical work for the Great Stupa actualize all realizations of the path and achieve enlightenment as quickly as possible and fulfill the wishes for happiness of all sentient beings as quickly as possible up to enlightenment.
Due to all the three-time merits collected by the numberless sentient beings, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas may all the hell beings, hungry ghosts, animals, anyone who has born in the lower realms, immediately be liberated from the lower realms and be reborn in the pure lands with a perfect human body. May they always follow the Mahayana path where they will be enlightened as quickly as possible. May they never be reborn in the lower realms.
Due to all the merits may all that I have said be achieved immediately.

Recorded by Venerable Thupten Kunsang 15 April 2011. Edited transcription by Ian Green 23 June 2011.