Vajra Fence Project

A new and exciting opportunity for sponsorship is now available through the construction of the Vajra Fence Project.

The Vajra Fence is a circle of protection that will surround the Great Stupa. Situated against the first terrace rock wall, the Vajra Fence will be filled with over 800 new prayer wheels that will be sheltered by a beautiful slate roof. The project not only includes this spectacular new Vajra fence but the completion of the rock wall around the terrace.

To assist in the completion of this project. We are providing two different sponsorship opportunities to be a part of the Vajra Fence.

Vajra Fence Prayer Wheels

This sponsorship includes the beautifully crafted Prayer Wheels that will be installed along the new Vajra Fence. Each prayer wheel is inscribed with the mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’, this same mantra is repeated 12 million times on a scroll sealed inside. Turning the prayer wheel in a clockwise direction brings purification and accumulates merit.
For supporting the Vajra Fence project and the Great Stupa, a bronze plaque with your dedication will be mounted directly below your sponsored prayer wheel in perpetuity.

Vajra Fence Slate Roof

This sponsorship is for the slate tiles that will be installed on the roof of the Vajra Fence. Your generous sponsorship will help cover the cost of the slate tiles as well as the overall construction costs towards this wonderful project. As an appreciation of your generosity, your name will be written on the back of the tile before being installed on the roof of the Vajra Fence.

“As the Great Stupa is an architectural presentation of the Kalachakra mandala, this ring of prayer wheels around the stupa will symbolise the Vajra Fence of the mandala. These prayer wheels will also enable many to create vast merit.
Venerable Jampa Choepel